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 New Model Releases


Indricotherium, 1/20 scale, Large Prehistoric Rhino

Soon to be release as a resin model - Accepting Pre-Orders now, for a limited time Free Shipping on Pre-Orders.



Indricotherium, 1/20 scale, Large Prehistoric Rhino

Soon to be release as a resin model - Accepting Pre-Orders now, for a limited time Free Shipping on Pre-Orders.


Hippopotamus amphibius

Faux-Bronze Finish #1 (limited availability)

Hippopotamus amphibius, 1/20 scale, modern Hippo of Africa.


Concavenator corcovatus

New Model Release

Concavenator corcovatus, strange huymped back therapod dinosaur from the early Cretaceous of Spain.




Ceratotherium simum

New Model Release

Ceratotherium simum, 1/20 scale, Modern white rhinoceros from South Africa.


Hippopotamus amphibius

New Model Release

Hippopotamus amphibius, 1/20 scale, modern Hippo of Africa.


New Links

Dino Dentistry Dental Analysis of Dinosaur teeth.

A Paleontologist's Guide to Dental Analysis A site about how Paleontologists use teeth to capture ancient history.

Alfonso Jaraiz Puig Site featuring the wildlife art of Spanish painter Alfonzo Jaraiz Puig.

Earth Science Guide to Fossil Dating An informative article discussing methds of dating fossils.

Creating Dinosaur Fossils An interesting article discussing how dinosaur fossils are created.

Museums of the World A comprehensive list of Museum sites from around the world.

Dinosaur Fossil Dating Web page with information pertainign to fossil and a list of useful resource links.

Just Kits and Models UK based Just Kits & Models provides plastic kits and plastic model kits which mainly include plastic aircraft model, plastic vehicle models, plastic ship models, military vehicles model, military figures, maritime vessels and dioramas. Good stock of aircraft kits, ship kits, boat kits and road vechicle kits like car model kits, lorries model kits, motorbikes model kits.

Teaching Kids about Dinosaurs is a website geared toward educators to aid in creating lessons plans and projects that will engage children in fun and interesting ways when learning about the prehistoric world.

Prehistoric Channel website is dedicated to empowering and inspiring individuals to learn about the Earth's prehistoric past with the goal of one day being a Traditional Linear Television Network.

Paleo Nicks Fossils specializes in buying, selling, and trading high quality, collector grade fossils from all over the world--everything from mammoth and shark teeth to the occaisional dinosaur skeleton.

Dinosaurs Fossils, Triassica Triassica specialise in dinosaur bones, teeth, claws and even complete skeletons. Our dinosaurs fossils are sought after by collectors, museums & researchers worldwide. In 2006 we discovered the worlds' largest Jeholosaurus dinosaur.

Dinosaur Fossil Rareresource.com has a complete resource structure of dinosaur fossils exposing a rich cache, from Abelisaurus to even more complete skeletons.

Archaic Dinosaurs.com Information on different dinosaur species

Niche Cartoons Dino themed comic strip by Jason Nocera

www.urzeitshop.de Dinosaur and other Prehistoric related items, Serving Germany and Europe.

Undoria: Fossils, Minerals and Tours Ammonites and many other invertebrates, vertebrates, pendants, cabochons and some minerals for sale (Jurassic and Cretaceous fossils, ichthyosaurs, pleosaurs, plesiosaurs and more from the Volga River Region, Russia).

Prehistoric Paradise An array of wonderful prehistoric gifts to fit all of your needs.

Macdaddymolds Make full size fossil reproductions for pennies each!

The Thylacoleo Remembrance

Hirokazu Tokugawa's Dinosaur Models Gallery

Carl Masthay Kaskaskia Illinois-to-French Dictionary

Paleo Artist Michael Lovejoy's paleoproductions

Bison Information,Oglala Lakota College

Tony Compagna's Saur Losers website

The Discovery Channel Website (build your own saber-tooth)

Kelly Taylor Art

David Krentz Presentz

Dinosculpture, Kieth Strasser

Exotic Deer.org