Concavenator corcovatus





Concavenator: Newly remastered, Approx. 1/18 scale, (13.5 inches in length). 12 piece cast, body, head and neck, lower jaw, tail, legs, arms, dorsal scutes separate. Included is a simulated terrain base with a marked footprint for easy positioning and an oval pine base for display. Right leg has a pin cast into it for standing.

The model comes unpainted, easy to assemble. Some putty work and texturing is needed around the seams before being ready to paint.

Concavenator cost $134.50 plus $12.50 for shipping and handlingwithin the U.S.

(Orders out side the U.S. contact for specific shipping quote before ordering.)













Concavenator corcovatus

Images of painted model courtesy of Martin Garratt.


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